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Pretty Kids Paper Craft Basket

September 13th, 2010 Posted in Kids Crafts

Kids paper craft basket

Jasmine gave me great idea to make this pretty basket. It is simple kids crafts and you can use it as a toy, a stationery holder or even as shopping basket.

Ready? Let’s get crafty! Read more »

Making Your Own Farm Animal Greeting Card – Cow

September 2nd, 2010 Posted in Kids Crafts

Handmade greeting card, farm animal, cow

Little children may try to handmade a greeting card at home. They are so simple and fun make. They can be use for any occasion depending on the picture on the front cover and the message you write.

Here’s an example of a Farm Cow craft greeting card which can be used for Happy Birthday greetings. Read more »

Making Craft Mommy Caterpillar

June 19th, 2010 Posted in Kids Crafts

It is school holiday! Jasmine suggested that we should make Craft Caterpillar and put it up at my blog :) . I thought it was a wonderful idea.

Let’s get started.

Materials to make Craft Caterpillar:

Materials for craft caterpillar1. For caterpillar body, use green and light yellow color paper. You may you any other color combination of your own choice.

2. For caterpillar lips and feelers, use a small piece of red color paper.

3. Double-sided tape

4. Scissors

5. Pencil and marker pen

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6. A round shape to draw caterpillar body. I’m using the round tape to draw this shape.

Steps to Make Craft Caterpillar:

shapes to make craft caterpillar1. Firstly, draw four circles on each color paper.

2. Next, draw four caterpillar legs on each color. I drew extras but ended up using only half of them.

3. Then, draw its mouth.

-Always use pencil to draw before marker.

4. Cut them out.

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Craft mommy caterpillar5. Using circle shape to make its body, start pasting from the back piece by alternating the color.

6. Paste the legs by alternating its color too.

7. Finally, paste its mouth and feelers. We decided to draw a pretty eye and call it Mommy Caterpillar!

Making a Craft Octopus by Curling Paper

June 10th, 2010 Posted in Kids Crafts

Just when I was blogging the curly hanging mobile yesterday, my daughter Jasmine was curling away. She kept curling other paper strips and join them together. That gave me the inspiration to make an Octopus using the curling paper technique!

Shall we learn today? Let’s get started!

The Materials Needed Are:
Materials for curly octopus1. For octopus tentacles- Cut 8 pieces of paper strips 2.5cm x 29.7cm. You can use assorted colors if you like.

2. For octopus face – A5 paper which you can see in yellow here.

3. A pencil

4. My beloved craft scissors

5. A stapler or double-sided tape

6. Some strings

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Steps to Make Craft Octopus:

curled paper1. Firstly, to make tentacles, curl the paper strips tightly up to half the length and hold for a while. This will help the curl to stay longer.

2. When you’re done, it should look something like this.

3. Next, stapler them together. What I did was stapling alternate colors and four strips in a group.

octopus face


4. Draw the octopus face. I used marker here so that it is clearer. Cut it out.

Easy Face Painting

Little Kid Crafts for All Seasons



/paper craft octopus

5. Next, you may use double -sided tape to stick the tentacles to the octopus face. A group of four on each side.

6. Lastly, use some string and stick it to the top back of the face and you may hang it just anywhere you like!

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Making Curly Paper Hanging Mobile

June 8th, 2010 Posted in Kids Crafts

The curling technique is simple and easy to do. It can make a wide range of paper crafts. It is really up to your imagination and creativity. Firstly, I’m going to show you how to make a hanging mobile paper craft using the curling technique.

Here is what we need:

1. Some colored papers

2. My beloved craft scissors

3. A pencil

4. Double-sided tape or stapler

5. Some strings

Steps to Make Curling Paper Mobile:

1. Cut out colored paper into paper strips of 29.7cm height x 2.5cm width using the craft scissors. Quantity and color to your preference.

curling paper

2. Using two hands (my other hand holding camera), curl the paper strips. You may make tight or loose curl and stop at any length to make paper curls.

3. Repeat this step with all the paper strips you had cut out.




curled paper hanging mobile4. Using double sided tape, adhere curled strip together from the top (non-curl side).

5. Repeat this step until you achieve this.

6. Send me your version of curly hanging mobile and I’ll publish it here!

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Hanging Paper Craft – Family Hearts

June 1st, 2010 Posted in Kids Crafts

Surely it is a waste to make some craft and forget about its where about. If it happens often and you would like to try something new, why not try doing some paper craft and hang it in the children’s room. You will never misplace it! :)

Material for hanging paper craftHere is what we need:

1 Some colored paper (preferably thickness about 125gsm)- draw lines across about 2.5cm width.

2. Craft scissors (again!)

3. Stapler

4. Double sided tape

5. Some messy strings (just kidding!)

I’m going to show theĀ  making of ‘Family Heart Shapes’. Which also means, the more you have in your family, the more heart shapes you will make.

Paper strip cut folded into half1. Firstly, cut the colored paper into strips about 2.5cm width each. Then foldĀ  it into half.







Forming heart shape2. Next, by holding both the edges inward, form a heart shape and stapler them together.

By the way, the secret that I never mentioned about is that if you’re using A4 paper, the length of the paper is 29.7cm. This length is just right to make a ‘Big sister heart’ size.




Family hearts3. For other hearts, you need to join the strip to get longer length.

Recommended length:

Daddy Heart: 1 1/2 strip
Mommy heart : 1 3/4 strip
Big sister heart: 1 strip
Little brother heart: 3/4 strip

When you’re done stapling, here is how all the heart would look like.


Attaching string to top of the heart4. Now that we’ve got all the Family Heart, it is time to label them ‘Daddy’, ‘Mommy’, ‘Sister’, ‘Brother’ – by names if you like.

Then, attach the string using double sided tape from the top.





Attach strong at the bottom of the heart5. Next, attach the string by tying the bottom. Repeat this step to attach all the hearts together.






Family hearts craft6.Here you are, the hanging ‘Family Hearts Paper Craft’.

Can you think of other family shapes?

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