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Food Source: Experiencing Bean Sprouts Growing at Home

September 8th, 2012 Posted in Kids Growing Up

Group of beansWe just tried this at home!

In a concrete city surrounded by housing blocks, children in Singapore have little knowledge about food source. Chicken may mean KFC and otherwise they are only familiar with ham and sausages without knowing it’s origin. Fish balls doesn’t look or taste like fish at all but almost every kid love it! That’s the wonder of food technology! However, in my opinion, children should still learn and appreciate the sources of food.

What’s about fruits and vegetables? Children can be quite clueless about how it looks like at the Read more »

15 Indoor Activity Ideas with Your Kids

August 4th, 2010 Posted in Kids Growing Up

It is bad weather today. You or your kid haven’t been feeling very well. Don’t feel like going out at all. Or you and your spouse are exhausted from watching last night’s Desperate Housewife.

The kids are bored and constantly seeking your attention. Nothing is on TV. Duh! What to do with them?

Here are some fun (to them!)  indoor activities that you should engage with them :) . They are inexpensive and are able to keep them occupied for an hour or so. Read more »

10 Reasons for Telling Bedtime Stories

May 26th, 2010 Posted in Kids Growing Up, Parenting Kids

Cinderella . The Three Little Pigs. Peter Pan.

Bedtime stories are all time favorite of young children. They are great for bedtime. They are great for leisure time. They are simply kids companion.

There are many reasons why we should have bedtime stories and some are listed below:

alice in wonderland1. Bonding. When you read to your child, both of you are of close proximity – physically and psychologically. Your child will feel loved because of your companion.

2. Moral values. While there are amusing, bedtime storiesteaches children a wide span of moral values. The Kid Who Called for Wolf teaches children not to tell lies and make jokes on people.

3. Good night sleep. Children can have a hard day too. Reading a story book before bedtime simply eases sleep and encourage sweet dreams. We surely never emphasis them on the scary monsters and trolls.

Read with your kids even you’re far away via Readeo LLC

4. Learn to read and spell. Story books have high accuracy of proper usage of English language. Children are sure to pick up good command of grammar and spelling which improves their language easily.

5. Encourage writing. Do not be surprise that you child may be inspired to be an author later in life. They learn by good examples from authors in writing stories and definitely improves a child’s composition skills.

6. Friendly and soothing images. More often than not, bedtime stories offer better images than the TV and internet. They are child friendly and you need not worry about children being exposed violent images.

7. Encourage children thinking and imagination. Alice in Wonderland is a great example. Isn’t it fascinating to see Alice chasing after little rabbit? Surely children would be curious to know what the lead role is going through. When child go through a story, they will always imagine themselves as the lead role and kept thinking about how the story will end.

8. Learn to love books at young age. When children learn to love books, it becomes part of them. Their engagement becomes their hobby.

9. Encourage sibling sharing. Older children who can express themselves well can tell stories to younger sibling. They share. They bond. They rival lesser.

Storytime Online

10. Learning and accepting villain in reality. While most bedtime stories places emphasis on good characters, children will also learn about the existence of villain in the reality world. The big bad wolf, the witch and the pirates are somehow important in the peak of the storyline. Children will also learn that the story always concludes with villain receiving retribution. Which is important for them to know that it should happen in reality too.

So you have all the reasons to grab a bedtime story book today! Good night. Sweet dreams.

The Tooth Fairy

April 30th, 2010 Posted in Kids Growing Up

Tooth fairy is a tale to tell children what happens when they lose a tooth. Typically, children at the age of 6 will start lose their milk teeth.  They are naturally anxious about losing their tooth and some bleeding may cause them sleepless nights.

Hence, tooth fairy will come and give some tooth money in exchange for a tooth that has fallen out. This will make the child much happier by smiling ear to ear even when they have missing tooth. Aren’t they adorable!

Tooth fairyWhat does a child have to do for Tooth Fairy to come?

Tooth fairy is sweet for giving money to all children around the world but she is asking for small little favors from you. Here’s what to do so that tooth fairy will visit you:

1. Be sure to lose a tooth that is clean and shiny. Tooth fairy does not collect dirty or yellow tooth.

2. Listen to grown-up’s advise to place the tooth under the pillow.

3. Be sure to put the tooth at the very center of the pillow.

4. Read a book about losing a tooth.

5. Go to bed early and fall asleep fast that night.

6. Check your pillow in the morning for a big surprise!

What happens when Tooth Fairy is gone?

1. Be extremely happy that the tooth fairy has visited and gave some money.

Your Children’s Teeth
Your Children's Teeth

2. Receive letters and certificates on losing a tooth from the Tooth Fairy Package. You can frame your achieved certificates make a scrapbook for your letters.

3. Tell daddy and mommy that you are no longer a baby and growing adult teeth.

4. Be extra careful about taking care of your soon-to-grow adult teeth follow the brushing tips.

5. Tell little brother or sister that you were brave when you lose a tooth and is ever prepared for the next tooth to fall.

6. Share your achievement and experience with friends at school.

7. Write a letter to thank daddy and mommy for caring for your and your teeth since birth.

Tooth Fairy Super Package

Goodbye tooth certificate What a tooth certificateLose your first tooth certificate

And much more….

Kids Teeth Brushing Tips

March 28th, 2010 Posted in Kids Growing Up

It is important to educate your little ones the importance of brushing teeth from tender age. Babies can start brushing as soon as the first tooth appear.

This have to be done by a caregiver until they capable of brushing thorough brushing on their own especially for the bedtime brush. This would also include other dental products. The bedtime brush is the most important brush of the day as we have to clean the teeth completely and avoid plague build up during the child’s sleep.

12 hour toothache cure

However, you may still want your child to ‘practice’ brushing in the morning. This can help the child to apply the same strength you do for her as for bedtime brush.

Educating Your Child About Oral Health – Essential Practice

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Your Children's Teeth

1. Reduce / avoid sweetened food like chocolates, sweets, sweet drinks and food. Try gargling after consumption of these food.

2. Brush at least twice a day with a soft bristles brush. Usually children (or even adult) tend to miss out hard to reach edges. However, those will be more critical areas to pay attention to.

3. Use dental products like floss or inter dental brush from the age of 4 onwards.

4. Start on with diluted amount or mouth gargle when the child is ready. The child must also be capable of gargling and spitting because you do not want him/her to accidentally swallow any mouth gargle – even in small amount.

5. Make a dental appointment for your child every 6 months for a professional cleaning.

6. Change their toothbrush every 3months or according to toothbrush indicator. Never share toothbrush among family members for hygiene purposes.

By the way tips:
If your child happen to drop a tooth during an accident, here’s what to do:

1. Quickly recover the tooth but DO NOT rinse it with water.

2. Store it in MILK and bring child to nearest dentist for reattachment.

3. Place cotton at gums to stop bleeding.