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When My Children Learn About How Fortunate They Are

August 27th, 2012 Posted in Parenting Kids

Fortunate boy with tabletLet’s talk about an average family in Singapore. Dads and moms are full time employees. Kids go to school. All are well fed and well clothed. Three meals a day makes no issue. Some are even showered with contemporary ipads and iphones. Some own posh homes. Some goes to the not-so-affordable (but yet they can afford) enrichment class. Fast food once a week don’t seem to be costly. Costly school bus fees and tuition fees are still ‘affordable’. Domestic helpers and irobots are pretty common. These is how a typical Singaporean child is being brought up right now.

Well, that seem to be a normal lifestyle for most young families. Read more »

Sticky Situation Parenting: Who’s The Disciplinarian?

February 4th, 2011 Posted in Parenting Kids

Angry boy, disciplinarian, parenting ebook, Democratic ParentingHey parents! I know it isn’t your hobby to look after the kids. You rather bring bacon home than to clean their ass – literally! Understandably, some kids are noisy, energetic, careless, messy, or naive. Others are naughty, obnoxious, oppositional defiant disorder, lazy, nerve-wracking, or terrifying. So, we simply excuse ourselves by going to work and delegate the care-giving role to granny, nanny or Handy Manny (yes, some asks the TV to baby sit). Read more »

“I’ll Do It Later!” 6 Ways to Get Kids to Do Chores Now

January 26th, 2011 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags: ,

Ill Do It Later!6 Ways to Get Kids to Do Chores NowGetting kids to do chores is one of the most common arguments families have. Who can’t relate to this picture? You’re yelling, “Why haven’t you cleaned your room yet?” while your child is on the couch watching TV, shouting back, “I’ll do it later!” The reason kids don’t like doing chores is the same reason adults don’t like doing chores: household tasks are generally boring. Read more »

Parenting Miracle Tool: When Hugs Do Wonders

January 18th, 2011 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags:

Mother hugs daughterI’ve never been hugged by my parents since young until I turned 23 and I was about to leave Malaysia for Singapore, my parents gave me a big hug. Words can’t explain how I feel but tears seems to be forming from my throat as i recall this.

Ever since, I told myself when I have kids one day, I’ll never miss out this bonding miracle action. I’m serious about this. Hugs are real natural medicine. Whether your kid is 3months or 30 years old, hugging is an exceptionally good way to bond. Read more »

How to Change a Misbehaving Child to a Happy Child in 21 days

January 2nd, 2011 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags:

The Happy Child

The Happy Child Guide is now proudly replaced by DEMOCRATIC PARENTING since Mar 2012.

Author: Matt Barnes

Are you frustrated, exhausted and out of patience trying to deal with a misbehaving and a non obedient child? As a parent of two young children myself believe me when I say this, I can relate to your frustrations! Some days are better than others! We all want our days to go smoother and our children to behave well. Just Read more »