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Children Learning Reading: Lesson 12 – The

April 17th, 2013 Posted in Learning Reading
Children Learning Reading program

Elden Trying to Spot the Word ‘THE’ and Circling All Of It

Lesson 12 of the Children Learning Reading is rather simple. Child will learn about the word ‘THE’. This word is not read phonetically so do not try hard. According to Jim Yang, author of Children Learning Reading, the word ‘THE’ is a sight word.

What I did with Elden this time is just show the card at him and read it as it is. He managed to read it but the word looked rather unusual to him because all the while, any word introduced to him has a vowel in between and he reads it phonetically. So this new word was different.

To enhance his memory on this word, I took some of his story books and showed him the title of the books. The following books are:

  • The Elephant’s Nose
  • The Baobab Thee
  • The Naughtiest Piglet

I asked him to locate the word ‘THE” and he managed to do so.

Lastly, I asked him to circle all the words ‘THE’ that he can find in ‘The Naughtiest Piglet’ storybook. He managed to locate them all. For the next few days, every book that I read to him at bedtime, he will voluntarily spot the word ‘THE’. Well done, Elden!

children learning reading 2 years oldIf you have seen my earlier post, you will noticed how much I loved the Children Learning Reading program! I like the flow of how this ebook was organized and gradual introduction of group of words to children. Sometimes I would think that there is a need as a parent to refer to the book as I teach my child. The audio tutorial on each phonic sounds helped a lot too!

If you would like to find out more or order the ebook, visit Children Learning Reading too! The Standard program and Premium program costs $49.95 and $69.95 respectively.

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