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Children Learning Reading: Lesson 19-21

May 20th, 2013 Posted in Learning Reading

How to Teach Children Learning Reading Letter I wordsI did not intend to teach Elden words with letter F because that’s lesson 20. He should be learning lesson 19 with letter I first. I printed both lesson cards together but when I was busy cutting lesson 19 words, he took lesson 20 words – which I haven’t teach him – and started reading on his own! Good try! Thanks to the phonics he learned. He did get the words like IF, OF, OFF, FAN, FUN, FOG and FIT right on his own.

One day, Elden told me that he was confused with uppercase I and lowercase L. At one look, it’s the same. But it definitely sounds different! He’s reading cards are all printed with uppercases so far. I, then explained to him to spot the few letters that comes after the letter he is confused with, if they are lowercases, then that letter would be lowercase and vice versa.

I initially wanted to reprint all the cards which fonts gives a clear indication if it is a uppercase I, but I changed my mind that I should teach him to indentify and differentiate them visually. It’s a skill to acquire. End of the day, he may be exposed to ‘confusing’ letters elsewhere himself. So, might as well train his eyes now.

Sometimes I think that I need not teach him word by word according to the lesson plan. When I read stories to him , I’ll just randomly introduce words to him but according to his standard that I think he can pickup.

After a few days, I revised the red cards which consists lessons for Letter I and Letter F. He read them well and I knew we can advance further.


Lesson 21: Letter R Reading Activity

Sometimes, I find presenting him every new word and teach him smooth blending has become boring – to him and to me!

So, at lesson 21, when I tried to teach him Letter R words , I used a totally different method to introduce words to him. He has done quite a few workbooks and I noticed that he likes to draw lines. So, I came up with a new activity which requires him to read, match and draw lines within a reading lesson. He was also captured by the cute pictures I picked. So, I think that makes learning more fun and enjoyable!

He did the activity without much problem. Thanks to the Children Learning Reading Program I’ve got!

Photo0856Today, reading lessons are extra fun because Jasmine became a little teacher. I poured all the words from lesson 1-20 into the Ben & Jerry cooler bag and announce that we’re going to read by randamly drawing the words. They both took turn to draw words and read.Photo0854

Elden had forgotten about the reward stickers but his real reward was learning to read with Jasmine!

If not for the Children Learning Reading program, I think all these reading achievement from Elden wouldn’t had materialise!

If you share the same passion to teach you child to read, I would highly recommend you the same program! This program allows parental involvement in teaching a child to read, regardless of age. It’s readiness that counts. You may send your child to phonics class but that could be just 1-2 hours a week. End of the day, it is the continuos practice at home that counts. Start at home. Download and find out how to teach a child to read at home.

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