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Children Learning Reading: Lesson 4-6, C, T

April 9th, 2013 Posted in Learning Reading

Reading Reward Stickers with Children learning Reading programOk. Elden got 3 reward stickers yesterday for going through 3 reading lessons with me. He was super high spirit when I asked him ‘Are you ready for your reading lessons?’. ‘Yes, mummy!!,’ he answered with full of excitement. At the end of today lesson (4-6), he was proud to have achieve some reading ability. I’m not sure if I did ‘overpraise’ him by repeatedly saying ‘very good’ and ‘clever boy’! But if it worked like wonders, I might as well continue, haha!

It’s just day 2, but we proceeded with our Children Learning Reading lessons as if it’s our routine. Today, I taught him Lesson 4, 5 and 6, which is on letter C, T and and a few words containing both letters.


Children Learning Reading program Lesson 4 - C

VIDEO: Children Learning Reading program Lesson 4 – C

In Lesson 4, Elden learn letter C, it’s phonic sound and some words that begin with letter C. He got the easy one wrong because he read CUT as CAT but got the difficult one correct! He read the word CLOCK without any help! (scratch head). It probably sounded obvious from the audio file. He’s able to point to me when I asked him which word is CLUB.

Children Learning Reading program Lesson 5 -T

VIDEO: Children Learning Reading program Lesson 5 -T

For Lesson 5 on letter T, Elden traced the proper way to write the letter. Take a look at the video on his cheeky look! He is having fun with the reading lessons. He also learn the letter T phonic sound is /tuh/ and even suggested a word that contains letter T. Although the word he mentioned didn’t start with letter T, but he did identified T in the word DIRTY.

At the end of lesson 6, I thought he’s learning more and more words. I think I need to make flashcard and carry them around. This cards can be flashed at him at anytime of the day for him to recognize words better and read them with more confidence. The Children Learning Reading program has been amazing so far. If you would like to order or find out more, click on the link below.

children learning reading program



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2 Responses to “Children Learning Reading: Lesson 4-6, C, T”

  1. Justina,

    Indeed hard to teach my boy. Sometimes he didn’t want to start the lesson at all, sometimes, he took the cards himself and read it.
    This morning i started lesson 5 (T) when we are waiting for bus This time i just let him listen to the sound from the MP3 directly, the result is not bad

    since we talk in mandarin at home, thus he doesn’t know much English words, this is another challenge for us. do you have any advise for me?

  2. Hi teap,
    I understand the issue you are facing. My opinion is that you can take your time to teach him. As he is only 3, there is no hurry at all. If you see my first few blogs, you will notice that Elden was not even looking at text. It just looks like a chunk of words and are not meaningful to him.

    But as he grows older, he finds the need to read, joy to read and develop the ability to read. That’s why he is motivated. His older sis does set good examples too.

    Reading should be joyful to both child and parent. Anyway if you son don’t feel like reading, do something else and try again later, the next day or even next week. There’s no hurry.

    But if you would like to be slow and steady, try just teaching him one word at a time. Proceed only if you are confident and don’t load him with too many new words. Children of this age likes to play and it is understandable.

    We are bilingual at home. We speak both English and Chinese to our children. You may want to try because it makes learning easier for him. Have fun teaching!

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