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Children Learning Reading: Lesson 7-8 – Review

April 10th, 2013 Posted in Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading CardsMy jaw dropped! Elden came to me with his sticker reward chart and asked me ‘Mummy, are you ready for reading lessons today?’ I was pleasantly surprised.  As a matter of fact, I wasn’t ready. So I told him, “I’ll be ready after you keep your toys”. Just to keep him occupied while I head towards my printer and printed out the reading list for him.

It was a review reading lesson for Elden. All the words taught from lesson 1-6 are reviewed in lesson 7-8. I would think it is very important to review so as to retain his memory on words taught to him. I cut these cards out and kept them in a box so that I can flash at him anytime of the day.

After seeing the same set of words several times, he was able to read them with more confidence. Thanks to Children Learning Reading program!

In the video when Elden is going through the review lessons, he had learn choppy blending and smooth blending method. I noticed that he will read the word in choppy blending silently and reads out smooth blending to me.

Given that set of words from first few lessons are new and plenty for him to start with, I will probably go through review lessons with him and play the audio files several times again for the next couple of day before I proceed with lesson 9. This will build a stronger reading foundation and build more confidence in him. I find the Children Learning Reading program pleasing and rewarding so far. It’s a perfect home learning program for us now. If you would like to order the program or find out more, click on the link below.

I like the Children Learning Reading program because it introduces vowels and consonants gradually. Words taught are short and high frequency that preschoolers can understand.

Children Learning Reading Program - Standard $49.90

Children Learning Reading Program – Standard $49.90


Children Learning Reading Program - Premium

Children Learning Reading Program – Premium $69.90


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2 Responses to “Children Learning Reading: Lesson 7-8 – Review”

  1. Jacklyn Meyers says:

    I read all your post pertaining to children learning reading and I must say that you’ve been a very patient teacher and your little boy is very self-motivated! I adore your spirit. Good job!

  2. thanks jacklyn, i’m glad your enjoyed my post! will keep all updated about Elden reading progress. :)

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