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Children Learning Reading: Lesson 9-11, U, S, P

April 14th, 2013 Posted in Learning Reading

Children Learning ReadingWe didn’t learn new words few a days so as to give Elden some time to reflect on the words he learnt to read before lesson 9. I rather he go slow and steady than hurry and bulky. Anyway, learning reading for children should be an enjoyable journey. Not a destination. On and off, I’ll handpick some words from previous lessons for him to read. If he reads it more confidently, then I know he ready to proceed and accept more new words.

For lesson 9 onwards I printed the little reading cards on blue color instead. It’s easier for him to know and recognised that these words are new. Suprisingly, he came to me and said, “Mummy, next printing on purple color paper, ok?”

“Not a problem at all, ” I said.

Now that the words that he is learning to read is growing, I placed them in a clear container. Sometimes, he will just try to grab a few words and read on his own and I’m very pleased because he is self-motivated. Jasmine, 8, on the other hand, sometimes become a little teacher to him when I’m busy. She reads with Elden and the bonding is great!

I find this Children Learning Reading program that I’m using realistic, well-organised and self-paced. Although I do find some good programs that teaches children reading online, I try to refrain Elden from using too much of computer. At least not for such young age.

VIDEO: Children Learning Reading - Lesson 9-11

VIDEO: Children Learning Reading – Lesson 9-11

The lesson today was quite a short one. It probably lasted about 10 minutes. I explained to him the new letters that he is learning – U, S and P and it’s phonic sounds. Since he has been through a few lessons, he knows how he should read. He reads the choppy blending following by smooth blending. Sometimes, for words that he is already familiar, he will read it the smooth blending way. The Children Learning Reading program explains all.

children learning reading program

Children Learning Reading program $49.95

If you are interested in the program or would like to find out more, get your Children Learning Reading program for $49.95 here.

This program is designed for capability-appriopriate and you can use it for any age, whether your are starting your child to read at 2 or 8 years old or any age in between.

For Elden who has already learnt phonics well at school, it is easier for him to use the choppy blending method to read. However, if your child hasn’t pick up phonics, the Children Learning Reading program comes with audio tutorial lessons to teach on phonics. Amazing!






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