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Learning Reading Progress After 6months

November 26th, 2013 Posted in Learning Reading
Phonics Level 2 Story Book

Phonics Level 2 Story Book

Whew! I’m glad I finally reached here!It’s an achievement for Elden but it feels like an achievement for me!

After a few months of teaching Elden reading simple words phonetically, he is now ready to read a simple Level 2 book independently. Yes, I’m absolutely pleased that he started to read independantly! I put considerable weightage on starting kids to read at young age because reading can improve critical thinking skills. They tend to learn faster and at the same time reading encourage them to ask questions and find out about things that they are curious about.

From the Children Learning Reading Program, we had completed Stage 1 guidebook. At the beginning, every word seem to be an alien and looks new to Elden. But now, he can look back at the list and read them at ease.

Today, I had put all the words with A, E, I, O and U and some other consonant learn from Stage 1 Children Learning Reading Program to a test. It’s a simple book for any adult, but a child who had just learn to read by putting all the phonics sound together to sound them as words and sentences seem to be an uphill task. At the beginning, I used to teach him phonic sound of each word, choppy blending and followed by smooth blending. At some point, it was really trying for me! So, the test I’m talkinng about is letting Elden read the entire book himself. See video below on how he read independently.

children learning reading programOther than reading story books, I also expose him to reading in daily life. He can now read ‘Bubble Gum’ flavour on his toothpaste, ‘Walking Rabbit’ from his craft book and an ad from newpaper which says ‘Pay One Way to Fly and Come Home for Free’. Teaching him reading doesn’t have to be a lesson or at least a formal lesson. It can be a short 2 minutes Q&A or a deskbound 15minutes worksheet practice. With some phonics knowledge he learn from Children Learning Reading Program, I just can find words from packaging or signage and ask him to try to read.

If you have been doubting how to start your child on reading, try Children Learning Reading Program just like us!




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