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5 Steps in Dealing With An Obnoxious and Disrespectful Child With Guests Around

Obnoxious child giving headacheIs your obnoxious and disrespectful child giving you a bad headache? Does he embarrass you and challenge you as parent? Does he talk rudely, offensively or disrespect you especially when there are guests around? Perhaps, he felt a sense of achievement if you are loss of words right in front of them. He says things like ‘My mom doesn’t even know what Facebook is’, ‘She does that because she’s afraid of dad’, ‘Mom cooks the worst lasagna I ever had’ or ‘That lousy woman can’t play any instruments at all.’

Totally disrespectful! Has this happen to you before? Take a deep breath! You can handle this tactfully if you learn how to parent.

Every parent is likely to go through this stage whereby your child tests limits. Our parenting goal is to draw that thick line and make sure he’ll never cross it ever again.

Here Are 5 Steps You Should Take to Deal with Him from Being Obnoxious and Disrespectful with Guests Around:

1. Before The Guests Arrive

Prepare your child beforehand that if he turns obnoxious, you will issue first verbal warning. You should do that just before the guests arrive so that the instruction is still fresh in his memory and that he is expected to behave and speak appropriately all the times.

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2. Call Him Aside

If he crosses that line, call him aside and speak to him like ‘I didn’t like the way you speak about me just now. You have to speak and behave politely especially when there are guests around’. The guests will probably feel some disciplinary action being taken depending on how you handle the situation. Make him aware of his bad behavior before allowing him to join the guests again.

3. Correct Him Publicly

What happens if he pushes the limit again? Or he gets overly engaged while playing and becomes obnoxious again!? Then you will have to correct him right in front of the guests. With a serious tone say lines like ‘Do not talk about mom that way or you’ll stay in your room if you continue your disrespectful behavior.’ Call his name and it will definitely be more effective.

4. Stop the Show

If your guests stay long enough, chances are your child would become obnoxious or disrespectful again, wouldn’t he? I hope not but here’s what you can do if he acts silly again. You can either send him to his room or send the guests home. Be calm and apologetic. You can always invite them over again if he promises to improve his bad behavior.

5. Aftermath Solutions

Give more parenting attention to him. Sit down together and have a talk but make it one-way communication this time. Tell him you will accept no excuse for his obnoxious and disrespectful behavior and that you will not have guests over until he learns to speak and behave appropriately for a week.

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