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The Top 5 Parenting Mistakes-and How to Avoid Them

December 19th, 2010 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags:

The Top 5 Parenting Mistakes-and How to Avoid ThemAs parents, we all make mistakes. On the Parental Support Line, I often encourage parents to give themselves a break—after all, it’s impossible for any of us to be perfect. Our kids test us at every age and stage; it’s part of their job as children to push boundaries with us and see where the line is drawn. As they get older, it can often feel like we are running through a parenting obstacle course: just when we’ve figured out one stage—and its many challenges—our kids move on to the next one. So you might feel pretty confident in your role as a parent when your child is nine, but then everything changes again when he moves on to the tween years and starts acting out in new, unimagined ways. Read more »

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No Means No: How to Teach Your Child That You Mean Business

December 12th, 2010 Posted in Kids Behavior Tags:

No Means No: How to Teach Your Child That You Mean BusinessI think a lot of parents feel it’s important to explain their reasoning to their children in an attempt to get them to understand. Realize that along the way, wanting your child to understand can easily shift into wanting their approval, or their acceptance of your reasons. When this happens, parents can get stuck in a dynamic where they’re over-explaining things to their children. I personally think that once you’ve given your child a reasonable amount of input, any further explanation defeats the purpose.

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Manage A Disrespectful Kid Like A Pro Part 1 – Learning Parenting

December 8th, 2010 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags:

Disrespectful kidIf you have a disrespectful kid at home, your patience are put to a test. Disrespectful kid shows behavior problems such as raising his voice, refuses to answer despite hearing you, shows persistent anger on you, walks away during confrontation or shows disrespectful gestures.

If we look into age group, different kid may show behave differently although you should tackle them similarly. Read more »

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How To Parent Difficult Kids

December 5th, 2010 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags:

Mom hitting boyIs your kid’s behavioral problem escalating? Is he oppositional defiant, obnoxious, abusive, lying, disrespectful, back talking or misbehaving? Do you believe parents need to equip themselves with the right parenting skills to manage difficult kids? Read more »

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Am I Spoiling My Young Child?

December 2nd, 2010 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags:

Am I Spoiling My Young Child?The word “spoiled” is a loaded term, one that has many levels of meaning for us as parents. You may envision a nagging in-law saying your children are “spoiled,” you may remember a kindly grandparent “spoiling” you as a young child, or an unruly, “spoiled” kid you see in the grocery store who throws a fit to get what he wants. In this article, I am defining “spoiled” as any situation in which a child is in control and a parent is not.

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Oppositional Defiance Disorder – Low Cost Treatment Parenting Program

You know how it’s like to live with an Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) more than any other parents. He is argumentative, abusive, blames, does not listen and often acts out. If you are often frustrated in raising an oppositional defiant disorder child, all you need is an ideal method to treat the disorder. You should not do nothing and wait for your child to outgrow the condition because a he is highly likely to turn into an oppositional defiant teenager later. Read more »

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5 Parenting Rules That Don’t Work: How to Separate Fact from Fiction

November 26th, 2010 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags:

5 Parenting Rules That Dont Work: How to Separate Fact from FictionEven before you become a parent, you start forming ideas about how you’ll raise your child. You get advice about it from all sides—your own parents and family, your friends, and books by so-called experts tell you “the rules” of good parenting. But most people soon find out that some of these techniques are simply fads—and many of them don’t work at all. Read on to see what James Lehman thinks are the top five most ineffective parenting concepts out there.

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