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Grandparenting Woes – When You Blame Granny for Spoiling Your Kid

November 24th, 2010 Posted in Parenting Kids Tags: ,

GrandparentingWe all know that you had to work. You sent your kid to his grandparents place on weekdays and became a weekend parent. Your kid got sweets, soda and chips as if granny owns the mart. He climbed on the sofa with his shoes on. He gets to watch Nickelodeon and played Nintendo till he drops. He never had to keep any toys because dear granny will do it all for him.

Worst of all, he started to misbehave. He called names, talked rudely, destroyed things on purpose, became disrespectful and you even suspected him lying. Read more »

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From “Problem Child” to Child Behavioral Therapist: James Lehman’s Personal Transformation

From Problem Child to Child Behavioral Therapist: James Lehmans Personal TransformationNext week: Read the Excerpt from James’ new book, Transform Your Child.

This week, James Lehman, MSW sits down with EP Editor Elisabeth Wilkins to talk about his life, his new book, and the hard-won lessons he discovered growing up as a defiant, acting-out child. From being abandoned in a basement as an infant to a life of crime and drug addiction in his teens and young adulthood, learn how James transformed his life—and how he’s teaching parents across North America to do the same thing with their own children. Read more »

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The Ripple Effect of Defiant Behavior: When Parents Pay the Price

November 20th, 2010 Posted in Parenting Kids

The Ripple Effect of Defiant Behavior: When Parents Pay the PriceJames Lehman, creator of The Total Transformation Program, examines the effects of acting out behavior on parents and the family, and reveals how to calm the storm in the home.

Q: A child’s behavior problems can cause disturbances in a family beyond the relationship between the parent and the child, can’t they? I’ve had friends whose marriage suffered when their child started acting out. Is that common?

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Why I Believe Total Transformation Program Is Not A Scam

Total Transformation Program, James LehmanParents come in different shapes and sizes, culture and background, views and perceptions and of course with behavioral problem kids who are keen about the Total Transformation Program. Understandably, every parent have different expectation of the program. Some are skeptical about it because of it’s premium price and yet unsure about it’s effectiveness. Some may even think it is a scam. Read more »

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How Total Transformation Program Can Get Your Kids To Listen

Boy Not ListeningHave your child been ignoring you entirely lately? Is it getting more difficult to get him to listen? Whether you had asked him to do homework, keep his toys, stop the computer games or being rude, none of these words sounds like English at all. Your blood pressure starts to rise and you had used all sorts of methods to communicate but it seems like everything you said had fallen into deaf ears. You tried time-out, taking away privileges, no friends visits, no computer games, no chocolate cakes or everything you can think of. But yet your child is still not listening to you! You are frustrated, burn-out, challenged and completely helpless. Read more »

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How to Deal with Lying in Children and Teens

November 14th, 2010 Posted in Kids Behavior Tags: ,

How to Deal with Lying in Children and TeensWhen you catch your child in a lie, it’s natural to feel betrayed, hurt, angry and frustrated. But here’s the truth: lying is normal. It’s wrong, but it’s normal. In fact, we all do it to some degree. Consider how adults use lies in their daily lives: When we’re stopped for speeding, we often minimize what we’ve done wrong, if not out–and–out lie about it. Why? We’re hoping to get out of something, even if we know better.

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7 Common Reasons Why Children Tell Lies

Is your child lying attitude worrying you? Has that behavioral problem swell to an extend that you find it hard to trust her? Would you often need to take precaution or make extra efforts to find out if your child is lying?

If you answer yes to all three questions above, do take further steps in managing your child’s lying problem. Find out why do they lie in the first place. Read more »

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“I Love My Child…But Sometimes I Can’t Stand Him!”

I Love My Child...But Sometimes I Cant Stand Him!You’d do anything for your child, but you feel guilty about admitting the truth, even to yourself—sometimes you don’t like him very much. It’s a secret that many parents of acting-out kids share, but rarely confess to anyone. James Lehman explains how dealing with a difficult child can take its toll on the parent-child relationship, and he gives you some practical advice on how to handle it.

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