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Tackling Temper Tantrums in Toddlers – Part 2

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In the previous part, we tried to understand why toddlers throw tantrum. This part, we try to deal with it. Each recommended solution is related to part 1.

Tips to Tackle Toddlers Tantrum

They can be difficult but manageable. You know your child’s character so use preventive steps to avoid tantrums instead.

1. Expressive themselves
Help your child to use words or new words to express themselves instead of negative behavior. Being a caregiver, it is easy for you to predict what she wants and introduce new words to help her express herself. Focus on the issue and not the child. Distracting them helps a lot too.

For example if both of you are shopping and she spotted the soft toy which you cannot afford, distract her with someone else’s pretty pink dress while walking away. Talk for a minute and she will simply forget about the soft toy.

2. Self-centeredness
This time, you teach them concepts like taking turns, sharing and caring. Make them aware that others interest should be considered too. Use simple 2-3 words to explain like ‘please wait’ and ‘take turn’. Be prepared to explain few times before she gets the message.

3.Tired, hunger or over-stimulation
The question comes back to you again as a caregiver. When you go for an outing, always keep up with time and be aware of when toddler will go hungry. Besides, they do not know the limit of when they will get tired or over-stimulated but you do. Time your outing. When it is time to go – it is time to go.

Ensure your child that you love her just as much and will spend time with her after you attend to crying baby. As a caregiver – prioritize and try not to give unnecessary attention to the younger one. Checking baby’s diaper every minute will simply cause jealousy. Spend some time with little toddler too!

5.Battling for independence
Yes, if she sees that pretty Dora swim suit, she may insist to wear even you’re shopping! Avoid the incident altogether by hiding it away. For food, she may struggle wanting to self feed but you will be worried about the spillage. In that case, give her another set of bowl and spoon with little food in it while you can feed her from the actual bowl.

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So next time if your toddler throws tantrum, think about what you should do to ease the situation. After all – kids will be kids!

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