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“I Love My Child…But Sometimes I Can’t Stand Him!”

I Love My Child...But Sometimes I Cant Stand Him!You’d do anything for your child, but you feel guilty about admitting the truth, even to yourself—sometimes you don’t like him very much. It’s a secret that many parents of acting-out kids share, but rarely confess to anyone. James Lehman explains how dealing with a difficult child can take its toll on the parent-child relationship, and he gives you some practical advice on how to handle it.

Setting Limits with Difficult Kids: How to Get Them to Listen

November 3rd, 2010 Posted in Kids Behavior Tags: ,

Setting Limits with Difficult Kids: How to Get Them to ListenHow many times has this happened to you? You set a limit on behavior, and your kids ask, “Why?” or ignore your limits entirely. Or perhaps it’s a war of inches—your adolescent tests you by coming in a few minutes later past curfew each time he goes out. Then he accuses you of being petty when you enforce the limit with a consequence. No matter the method, it’s infuriating for parents when their kids push against the structure they set. And for some

“I’m So Exhausted”: 4 Tips to Combat Parental Burnout

Im So Exhausted: 4 Tips to Combat Parental BurnoutAre you often exhausted as a parent? Do you regularly feel drained, overwhelmed and off-balance when it comes to raising your kids? It’s hard for every parent, but when your children have tough behavioral problems, like ADHD, frequent defiance or other chronic acting-out behaviors, the task of raising them to adulthood can sometimes feel like you’re climbing a mountain without adequate supplies or the right equipment. This week, Erin Read more »