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How Total Transformation Program Can Get Your Kids To Listen

Boy Not ListeningHave your child been ignoring you entirely lately? Is it getting more difficult to get him to listen? Whether you had asked him to do homework, keep his toys, stop the computer games or being rude, none of these words sounds like English at all. Your blood pressure starts to rise and you had used all sorts of methods to communicate but it seems like everything you said had fallen into deaf ears. You tried time-out, taking away privileges, no friends visits, no computer games, no chocolate cakes or everything you can think of. But yet your child is still not listening to you! You are frustrated, burn-out, challenged and completely helpless. Read more »

Setting Limits with Difficult Kids: How to Get Them to Listen

November 3rd, 2010 Posted in Kids Behavior Tags: ,

Setting Limits with Difficult Kids: How to Get Them to ListenHow many times has this happened to you? You set a limit on behavior, and your kids ask, “Why?” or ignore your limits entirely. Or perhaps it’s a war of inches—your adolescent tests you by coming in a few minutes later past curfew each time he goes out. Then he accuses you of being petty when you enforce the limit with a consequence. No matter the method, it’s infuriating for parents when their kids push against the structure they set. And for some