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Oppositional Defiance Disorder – Low Cost Treatment Parenting Program

You know how it’s like to live with an Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) more than any other parents. He is argumentative, abusive, blames, does not listen and often acts out. If you are often frustrated in raising an oppositional defiant disorder child, all you need is an ideal method to treat the disorder. You should not do nothing and wait for your child to outgrow the condition because a he is highly likely to turn into an oppositional defiant teenager later. Read more »

From “Problem Child” to Child Behavioral Therapist: James Lehman’s Personal Transformation

From Problem Child to Child Behavioral Therapist: James Lehmans Personal TransformationNext week: Read the Excerpt from James’ new book, Transform Your Child.

This week, James Lehman, MSW sits down with EP Editor Elisabeth Wilkins to talk about his life, his new book, and the hard-won lessons he discovered growing up as a defiant, acting-out child. From being abandoned in a basement as an infant to a life of crime and drug addiction in his teens and young adulthood, learn how James transformed his life—and how he’s teaching parents across North America to do the same thing with their own children. Read more »

“I Love My Child…But Sometimes I Can’t Stand Him!”

I Love My Child...But Sometimes I Cant Stand Him!You’d do anything for your child, but you feel guilty about admitting the truth, even to yourself—sometimes you don’t like him very much. It’s a secret that many parents of acting-out kids share, but rarely confess to anyone. James Lehman explains how dealing with a difficult child can take its toll on the parent-child relationship, and he gives you some practical advice on how to handle it.

What is the Award Winning Total Transformation Program All About?

Misbehavior, Oppositional Defiant, Total Transformation ProgramThe Total Transformation Program has sold over 200,000 copies just to begin with. Why did the program became so popular among parents?

Parents with behavioral problem kids can rely on the program for behavior modification which gives yourself, your child and the entire family a new life.

The program can be used in families with kids who has oppositional defiant disorder, misbehavior, obnoxious, ADD/ADHD, disrespectful, lying, anger, abusive kids or just about any behavior problems at any age. Read more »

Your Oppositional Defiant Disorder Child – Last Thing To Do Before Giving Up

Is your child constantly defying you and making you ashamed and failing as a parent? Have you live with a day without a single peaceful moment because your child is simply not listening, arguing, talking back, fighting, throwing tantrums, blaming and the list goes on? Is your marriage turning sour because of constant arguments with your spouse over your defiant child?

Oppositional Defiant Disorder Child Robbing Your Life Read more »

Oppositional Defiant Disorder and 5 Underutilized Parenting Solutions

Parent self-reflect, managing oppositional defiant disorder childPoor parenting style often foster the development of Oppositional Defiant Disorder or more commonly known as ODD. Parents who are authoritative, verbal or forceful will merely instill fear and temporary obedience in children.

Parents to Self-Reflect

Ask yourself:

  • ‘If you want your child to willingly obey you?’
  • ‘Do you want to build a mutual respect relationship?’
  • ‘Are you willing to spend some time and think Read more »

What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder and the Affordable-cum-Effective Treatment

How to Improve Your Child Behavior ebookOppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is a very common form of behavior disorder starting in young children. Even without knowing the disorder terminology, every parent can sense that something is not right with a child.

If you are worried and suspect your child may have ODD, take a ODD test to confirm but some preliminary judgment includes the following:

Some Behavioral Symptoms Include: Read more »