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Tackling Temper Tantrums in Toddlers – Part 1

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Talking To Toddlers-
Dealing with Terrible Twos

Talking to Toddlers - Dealing with Terrible Twos

Sometimes your toddler throws horrible temper tantrum, you just wished you can bury your head like an ostrich! It is awfully embarrassing for a parent.

Outburst crying, stamping, kicking or throwing herself down are common signs of temper tantrum.

Well, it is not anything new because we have all seen it. It happens at home, school or in public, these little fellow does not seem to care where or when they throw tantrums.

I would definitely have to say that parents or caregivers play the big role in parenting them. Some tantrums can be avoided, others can be solved. The responsibilities lie in us.

Understand Why Toddlers Throw Tantrum:

Here are just a few common reasons.

talking to toddlers1. Expressing themselves
They are impulsive. They simply express themselves without reservation because they have no judgment about consequences. Toddlers would not be shy or shameful about their explosive tantrums because they have yet to learn about how others might think about them.

2. Self-centeredness
Yes. The whole world belongs to them and must go their way. Everything a toddler view will be from his or her own perspective and advantage. Otherwise….(they throw the big T again!)

3. Tiredness, hunger or overstimulation
Although they begin to master a few words, they may not know how to put them into good use yet. Should they be tired after some outdoor activity, they would not have the ability to request to go home and rest. So, they simply throw temper tantrum again.

4. Jealousy
It is extremely common for toddlers to have a younger sibling that her mummy care for. When she felt belittled, she would seek attention and express it incorrectly and by making a big fuss.

5. Battling for independence
Our little friend are learning everyday and gradually wants to take control. Although we felt as much that we should decide about where to go, what to do, what to eat and what to wear, little toddler would like to have a mind on her own.

Happy Child Guide – How To Get Any Child To Listen & Be Respectful

Talking To Toddlers – Dealing with Terrible Two’s and Beyond

….look out for Part 2 on tips in tackling Temper Tantrums in Toddlers

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