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Why I Believe Total Transformation Program Is Not A Scam

Total Transformation Program, James LehmanParents come in different shapes and sizes, culture and background, views and perceptions and of course with behavioral problem kids who are keen about the Total Transformation Program. Understandably, every parent have different expectation of the program. Some are skeptical about it because of it’s premium price and yet unsure about it’s effectiveness. Some may even think it is a scam.

Now, being a parent myself, I would like to share my views about the program on why I firmly believe this program is NOT a scam.

My parenting goal is to cultivate the right discipline at home so that my children will grow up to be useful adults. Like many other parents who are concern about parenting, I too, would constantly look for avenues to empower myself with the right parenting skills. After learning about the program, here’s why I believe the Total Transformation Program authentic, trustworthy and definitely is not a scam:

Total Transformation Program, James Lehman at work1. The Program Creator. James Lehman from New York City started his life as an adopted child. Being defiant, on drugs and in and out of prisons several times, he had finally made a drastic change in his own life by participating in an accountability–focused treatment program. Being a defiant child himself, he knew what it takes to transform from a worst-behaved child to a well-behaved one.

2. Recognized Qualifications. James later attended Fordham University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, graduating Summa Cum Laude. He worked with families and professionals and was able to attend Boston University and, in 1989, he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. All in all James accumulated 30 years experience in working with families with behavioral problem kids (oppositional defiant disorder, abusive, lying, rude, ADD/ADHD, obnoxious, disrespectful etc.). I believe it takes a lot of hard work and passion in order to graduate in the social work field. I’m convinced that dealing with behavioral problem kids is James’s forte. James is also now a renowned Child Behavioral Therapist.

3. Sample Audio Lessons.  Did you know that James offers Interactive audio lessons from his website? Ever wonder how many products or services allows you to preview before the actual purchase? Only authentic products can afford to offer that. I had personally listened to all the 7 lesson reviews and I’m impressed with his parenting techniques. His knowledge in parenting and modifying bad behavior in children is remarkable. His techniques enable parents to manage children with difficult behavior amicably. No shouting or power-struggle will take place to achieve behavior transformation. As a result, I had written every audio lesson reviews.

Total Transformation Program, Winner Parent Tested Parent Approved Award4. Award-Winning Program. In my opinion, a scam product will never win any award, what’s more, it is the Parent Trusted Parent Award (PTPA). As the name implies, the award only goes to product tried and endorsed by parents themselves. The Total Transformation Program also won the  National Association of Social Workers and The National Parenting Center. Read more here.

5. Program sold over 200,000 copies. As at 14 Jan 2010, the made which is made available through Legacy Publishing Company has sold over 200,000 copies and counting. As a result, explosive number of families had their behavioral problem kids corrected and transformed them into a new life.

Free Total Transformation Program6. The program is given for free. When people talk about scam, they usually refer to a sub-standard product which does not offer value for money. Listen. The Total Transformation Program is offered for free. What you really need to do is to invest some time and patience in learning and putting the techniques taught to make the program work. Charging $327 and making it refundable later by requesting for detailed feedback is reasonable to ensure commitment from parents. Now, ask yourselves if this can be a scam if you have done your part.

If you have confidence in the Total Transformation Program just like me, learn more about the ‘how to parent’ program user reviews, lesson by lesson, James Lehman, FAQ here.

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