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Total Transformation Program FAQ

If you are among the parents who are considering The Total Transformation Program but contemplating if the program is right for you, read on to decide.

1. What is the program all about?

The program written by James Lehman, MSW, Behavioral Therapist, who has worked with troubled children of different ages, is designed to empower parents with practical, real world solutions for the most challenging problems parents face such as oppositional defiance, disrespect, lying and cursing, acting out in school, obnoxious, unmotivated behavior, ADD/ADHD, anger, abusive and more. It’s really achieving behavioral modification in children.

You’ll learn the exact techniques James used in his private practice to help children take responsibility for their behavior and help parents get back in control of their homes.

This program consist of:

-James Lehman’s Jump Start DVD
-Parents Workshop DVD
-7 Audio Lessons on CD
-116 page instructional manual
Total Transformation Program, James Lehman's

2. Can I learn more about the creator, James Lehman?

James Lehman, MSW was a renowned child Behavioral Therapist who worked with struggling teens and children for three decades. He created the Total Transformation Program to help people parent more effectively. James’s foremost goal was to help kids and to “empower parents.” read more about James Lehman & Janet Lehman.

3. Who is this program for?

This program is for parents, step-parents, grandparents, teachers or just about any caregivers who is willing to dedicate time and patience in learning the parenting techniques and put them into real practice.

All you need is a CD/DVD player.

4. I heard about the program being given FREE. Is it real?

Yes! You can get this FREE parenting program worth $327! Simply make the first of three refundable monthly payments of $109 (S&H applies), mail in your completed feedback survey within 90 days of receipt. As you go through the 9 lessons of the program, you’ll be able to complete your feedback survey in about 30 minutes per lesson while learning the parenting skills you need.

Lastly, you can get your full refund and keep the program.

Get Total Transformation Program here.

5. How do I ensure the program will work?

This isn’t an empire formula which gives empty promises or magical formula. The honest answer is that James Lehman’s techniques are to teach parents parenting techniques and ways to deal with difficult children. You will need to go through the program 9 lessons and put them into practice.

6. When will I see results?

Every family vary, but you should see changes in your child’s behavior the very first day of implementing the program.

7. I’m a divorcee. Will this program work if my child is staying with her father over the weekends when he has absolutely no parenting skills?

The programs aims develops ‘culture and accountability’ between you and the child. You will teach your child to be accountable for his own action irregardless of where he should be.

8. Do I get any support after the purchase?

Total Transformation Program offers parental support line which you have unlimited access to the support team specialist at an introductory price of $1 for the first 30 days. Subsequent months are billed at $39 per month which you may discontinue at any time.

9. How many copies are sold in the market to date?

As at 27 July 2010, the Program had sold over 200,000 copies.

10. Does this program have any recognition or award?

Parent Tested Parent Aprroved award, Total Transformation Program, James LehmanThe Total Transformation Program won the PTPA-Parent Tested Parent Approved award since 28 June 2010. The PTPA Media Awards celebrate product excellence as rated by you. Manufacturers submit their products and services for evaluation by over 40,000 Volunteer parent testers. Search for the program at PTPA.



Total Transformation Program NASW Award, James Lehman

The program had also won the  National Association of Social Workers and The National Parenting Center. Read more here.




11. I heard, read and watch too much ads about the program. Can I listen to the actual program before I decide to purchase it?

You are welcome to listen to the Interactive View of Each Lesson.

12. Can I read about the reviews about actual purchasers using the program?

Read 3rd party Total Transformation Program Review from hundreds of parents who tried it.

Also, you may watch the videos of real people with real troubles with real life-changing stories from the Results page here.

*Q&A above based on writer’s best knowledge. Read more about the program here.

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