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Total Transformation Program Review Lesson 4 – Transformation Tools

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In lesson 4, parents should understand from the start about implementing tools for change. Bear in mind that it is your responsibility as a parent to implement the tools and it is the responsibility of the child to change. Tools should be used consistently and firmly.

Total Transformation Program Logo, James LehmanFirstly, James Lehman, Behavioral Therapist and creator of the Total Transformation Program explains that you should not accept excuse for abuse. Put it on the index card and place it on the refrigerator. Mark ‘Accept No Excuse for Abuse’.

Let’s get specific about abusive behavior in children. Children must not hit anyone at any time under any circumstances. Self-defense is not abuse but ‘if he hits you and you strangle him on the floor’ – that’s abuse. That’s abuse because over-reaction can cause abusive behavior. Remember, accept no excuse for abuse.

Secondly, send out Clear Direct Statement. Be firm and clear about what you want to say or if you want something to stop. Say the statement and walk away without waiting for responses. Oppositional defiant disorder child will tend to challenge you when you impose a statement so never provide opportunity for him to make a turnaround out of you (you will learn more about managing an Oppositional Defiant Disorder child in this lesson).

Total Transformation Program, James LehmanJames explains with a situation. Say it’s 9 o’ clock and it’s bedtime. You simply need mention ‘It’s time for bed’, turn off the TV and proceed. Conversely, if you say ‘Honey, do you know what time is bedtime?’. ‘Shall we go to bed?’ Or even simply said by continuing watching TV yourself! It wouldn’t be effective, would it?

I agree with James because action certain speaks louder than words. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Period. You have to be in control, consistent and firm in order to make parenting effective.

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