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Total Transformation Program Review Lesson 6 – What To Do After Your Child Acts Out

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It is common for a child to act out. Children with behavioral problems like oppositional defiant disorder, misbehavior, obnoxious, ADD/ADHD, disrespectful,  lying, anger, abusive kids can act out just about anytime for any reason. It’s definitely a daunting task to parent a kid that often acts out.

James Lehman, Behavioral Therapist and creator of Total Transformation Program explains in lesson 6 What Parents Can Do After A Child Acts Out. He called this the Alternative Response Process. It is a methodology used to solve a problem with kids. Have a formal talk with him to sort things out. The methodology is called alternative because James reiterate that we need to look at things differently. Use new method. New approach and tackle it differently. Do not do the same old thing with the same old method as before. That’s why it is called alternative.

Total Transformation ProgramSo how should we handle the situation differently if the child acts out next time? We ask the question ‘what’s going on?’ We understand that their perception can be distorted but we just want to hear them anyway. We do not argue. We look for the trigger. Find out ‘what’s the trigger?’ and ‘why did he act out?‘ For example your kid probably saw another kid misbehaving repeatedly. That’s the trigger. So he grab something and hit him on the head. That’s the reaction from the trigger. What you want to find out is trigger before you can address the reaction from appropriately.

When you are finding out the trigger, do not interrupt unless you can get the kid to refocus on the issue again. Focus on the facts and not feelings. Confrontation should be done without yelling. When you confront, you only confront what you saw or hear and nothing else.

James Lehman Total Transformation Program is really about how to parent. James has great effective methods which you can learn to get children to listen and be respectful. That’s why award winning program had sold over 200,000 copies. This behavior modification program comes in seven CDs and Jump Start DVD, Parent Workshop DVD, Bonus One Minute Transformation CD and a workbook. The program is worth $327 but find out how you can get the program free for 30 days!


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